When is the right time to sell?


Everyone always has advice on the best time to sell your home. Put it on the market in spring, make sure it’s listed before it gets too cold, don’t sell over Christmas – they say.

Traditionally, the preference has been to sell in spring as the gardens are blooming with flowers and greenery and buyers are looking to make the move in time for Christmas. Autumn is also a popular time, as buyers have had the time to set some goals over the new year period and everyone is settled back into work and school.

But the truth is, the right time to sell has to be when it suits your individual situation. For example, if you are in a lifestyle destination, like the coast, you may be best to list your home when it has the potential to grab some opportune notice. Or, if you have already bought a new home, or maybe constructing brand new, then you will need to sell to suit your moving in date. Planning around key life milestones, like the birth of a baby, or a planned overseas trip is important too. It all has to work together.

Then there’s the perspective that sticking to traditional selling seasons means your home becomes another home on a long list, you end up competing for interest. Selling in times where your agent has less stock, means you can compete based on your home’s features rather than on comparing to the other listings in the street.

Depending on the season that suits you, here are a few tips to ensure your home makes a great first impression.

If it’s a particularly hot day, and you have an afternoon inspection scheduled, ensure your home appears cooler than outside. Have air conditioning working early in the day, maybe keep blinds drawn to prevent hot rooms. Accessorise with cool colours like blue and pale green, to feel fresh and inviting.

Depending on the weather forecast for your inspections, the focus should be on creating comfortable rooms, which could mean turning on the heater or cooling early. If the weather is fine, it’s a good idea to err on the summer presentation, as this makes the home still feel light and airy.

Warm and inviting is the theme for winter inspections. But don’t create a cave, north facing windows to capture the winter sun should be shown off. Open fireplaces are a draw card, so talk to your agent about whether to light yours, being cautious about visitor safety.

This season is all about fresh air, colourful flower arrangements, and the feeling of awakening! Your garden and outdoor areas will be a focus so make sure they are sparkling, even set up some outdoor seating with cushions and throws to inspire interest.

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