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Broker Academy

As an industry leader, Loan Studio recognise the need to provide training and professional development to guide and mentor the next generation of elite mortgage brokers. The Loan Studio Broker Academy involves personal mentoring by Colin Sheppard and his nationally recognised and award-winning team of brokers, over a 2 year period.

Loan Studio Broker Academy incorporates;


  • Assistance in obtaining industry and lender accreditations
  • Education on how to conduct research, compare and best explain the various home loan options
  • Conducting home loan interviews
  • Accurately writing, submitting and administering loans
  • Setting up internal processes and business systems
  • Marketing and promoting your business
  • Prospecting, lead generation and integration with referral partners


  • Comprehensive Mentor Workbook
  • Participation in monthly mentor workshops
  • Participation in monthly sales meetings
  • Assistance in preparing and researching for home loan interviews
  • Joint home loan interview (with mentor)
  • Assistance with quality assurance checking of all applications for compliance
  • Structured feedback process on submissions to identify development areas
  • Access to mentors 7 days per week

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