Use the variety of calculators below to work out costs and payments like how much you can borrow, stamp duty fees and how you can pay off your loan faster.

Basic Loan Repayments

Compare four loan scenarios, two different terms, and two different interest rates using this calculator.

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How much can I borrow?

Use your income, expenses and number of dependants to determine how much you can borrow.

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Extra Repayments

Discover how much you can save when you make extra repayments throughout your loan.


How long to repay?

Calculate how long it will take to pay off your loan by setting the amount you'd like to pay each period.

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Mortgage Offset

Understand how a Mortgage Offset loan can help reduce the interest and time taken to pay off your loan.

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P&I/Interest Only

Use this dual calculator to show a Principal and Interest loan or just an Interest Only loan.

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Remaining Balance

Find out the exact amount remaining on your loan at any given year.

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Stamp Duty

Understand Stamp Duty, Mortgage Registration Fees and Transfer Fees.

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Achieve my savings target

Work out how much you need to save periodically to reach your savings goals.



Calculate to see your surplus or shortfall based on your incomings and outgoings.


Income Tax

Use this calculate to work out your net income from your earnings.

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Comparison Rate

Find out the total annual cost of a loan including interest payments and fees.

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