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Can you remember your home loan interest rate?

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Blog 1100x733 Millennial investors 2024

Plot twist: Millennials are Australia’s most active property investors

When it comes to buying investment properties, younger Australians are punching above their weight, with Millennials taking the title as the....
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Blog 1100x733 house prices April 2024

Homeowners now an extra $71,000 richer (on average!)

You may not feel richer, but if you’re a homeowner, there’s a decent chance your personal wealth has surged over the past 12 months thanks to....
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Blog 1100x733 FOMO 2024

FOMO, FOBO and FOOP – how they can hold you back

Nobody likes missing out on a good thing. But then again, who likes overpaying? So how do you strike the right balance when both fears can work....
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Blog 1100x733 construction loans 2024

Explainer: how construction loans work

There’s something very special about moving into a newly built home or putting the finishing touches on a major renovation. Maybe it’s the look....
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Blog 1100x733 offset account 2024

Why offset accounts are hitting new highs

Spare cash can be tight right now (cost of living crunch, anyone?). But if you’ve still got some savings plus a home loan, there’s a way you....
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Blog 1100x733 loan turnaround 2024

How long does it really take to get a home loan?

Need a home loan in a hurry? You could be in luck. Plenty of lenders are keen to crunch loan approval times at present – but there’s a lot....
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